The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote in insulin_whores,
The Woman in Purple

Save me from the ignorant people

Today I made the mistake of mentioning in my LJ that I would like to lose some weight. My post was mainly about how I could really use some self-discipline so that instead of sitting on the couch (or in the computer chair) all day, I would actually get up and go out and get some exercise and, in the process, get away from food temptation at home.

However, someone on my friends list decided it was time to play weight-loss expert and told me helpfully (not) that bariatric surgery has been proven to cure diabetes and that I should consider it.

Honestly? Weight-loss surgery? Never mind that the studies about bariatric surgery were for people with Type 2 diabetes, which shows that no matter how many times I post in my LJ that I have Type 1, people still don't listen. But recommending weight-loss surgery just because I want to lose about 20 kilograms at the most? I actually considered reporting that LJ "friend" for spam because I was convinced someone had hacked his account, because his suggestion was so far out of left field.
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