laura (professoryaffle) wrote in insulin_whores,


I have recently started on an insulin pump and I am still getting used to the settings, having a boring no carb day to day to see how the basal rate is handling my natural variations

A couple of questions for people

How many different basal rates do you have, my machine allows up to 5 and I suspect I will need at least 2 to account for hormonal variations in insulin resistance over a month

How do you change your basal rate when shifting time zones?

How much do you use extended and multiwave bolus types, I try and use extended if I am doing more than 6 units but I am not sure how long to spread the extended bolus over or when its more appropriate to do a multiwave version

Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated

edit:sorry for any confusion over the basal rate question, I mean how it varies from day to day or week to week rather than within a day

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