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JDRF and Adults with Type 1

We've discussed on here before that JDRF often focuses so heavily on children with diabetes that they provide little resources for these children once they grow up to become adults with type 1 diabetes (or for people that are diagnosed with T1 as adults). Well, one blogger took action, and JDRF noticed. (It took them a few months, but hey - better late than never!) The blogger is Scott Strange, and this is his "Open Letter to JDRF":

Here is JDRF's initial response:
Scott's guest post on SixUntilMe discusses a conversation he had with JDRF after his first post:

And here is part two of JDRF's response:
Finally, Scott's "part II" followup to the SixUntilMe post:

Here is our chance! JDRF is encouraging us to send comments their way: what they are lacking for adults with type 1, how they can improve advocacy for adult type 1s, resources they provide us, etc. You can post comments at Scott's blog or one of the two links above.

I have always had a great experience with my local JDRF chapter; we even have an "Adults with Type 1 and they Significant Others" group that meets for dinner every few months. But I know the national organization and many other local groups are almost exclusively child-focused. I'm so glad someone addressed the issue, and JDRF responded, ready to listen.

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