Laura Natalie (jjlv64) wrote in insulin_whores,
Laura Natalie

has anyone had any experiences with either nutrasystem or jenny craig? im kind of sort of considering them, and i saw nutrasystem has a T2 focused meal plan... but im a T1 so... just putting out some feelers.

OR, has anyone had weight loss experience with symilan? i started it a while ago, quit using it because i was lazy and didnt want to do the extra thinking to calorie count along with carb counting (also im on a pump and somehow even when i remember to bolus i would forget to do the additional shot).

if by any chance any of you have experience with BOTH of these things that would be wonderful.


(ps T1, pumping... not horribly overweight but id like to lose 20 pounds...and i generally eat like crap [the taco bell and dunkin donuts ladies know my order haha])
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