Em(ma) (dillemma) wrote in insulin_whores,

Medical alert bracelet text

Hi all!

For those of you who wear medical alert bracelets/IDs (not the real Medicalert ones that I can't afford) - what do you write on them? I'm finally getting a new one (my current one is illegible, which seems a bit counterproductive), but can't figure out what's relevant. Right now I've got my name on the front side and:

Insulin Dependent
Diabetes - Insulin Pump
Bipolar II - Lamotrigine

on the back side. (I'm also debating the bipolar part, don't know if that's relevant to anyone else here. I think it's probably important to have the medication on there, and I'd need to specify that it's not for seizures. I worry about snap judgments of coworkers/friends, though [which I know some of you will probably find ridiculous/be annoyed by, but bear with me here].)

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