What a waste of thought (whatweneversaid) wrote in insulin_whores,
What a waste of thought

I've been diabetic for 14 years, and on a pump for nine years.  I've accepted having diabetes - it's part of my life.

Except right now, I just put a set in that hurt quite a bit (hit a vein, I think), and started looking around my tummy, butt, and thighs for a new spot.  Between my sensor and the pump, I'm running out of skin.  I have these puffy scar tissue things on my tummy (I know they go away over time, but I hate how it looks and feels), and I don't know where to put my pump set anymore.

I really just want to go without the damn pump for a day.  I realized just now, I haven't been without this thing attached to my side, the little tube in me, for 9 years.  And no, I'm not going to deal with the poor control I get when I try to take shots just for a little comfort.  Just felt like I needed to put that out there where there are people who might understand.  I've never really felt this specific emotion before.
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