tellmeplease (tellmeplease) wrote in insulin_whores,

thank you for all the glucagon answers.
I have a question about education alternatives.

My health insurance (in the US) covers my son for free until he's 21, or , until he's 23 IF he's a full-time student. He's become OCD(contamination phobia) in recent times, so getting him to sit in a classroom isn't going to work.
I'd rather pay money for tuition than health insurance premiums for the next couple of years (he's 20 !/2, so we need to come up with a decision soon).
Does anyone know of online schools/correspondence schools that are legit and that are respectable enough to be accepted by my health insurance (like maybe schools that the VA accepts for veterans benefits-is there a list of non-resident schools like that?).
I need to be able to give the insurer a letter from the school, after he enrolls, stating his expected graduation date, so just short courses probably wouldn't do.
He's been doing individual dvd courses at home, but not as part of any organized program.
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