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glucagon question

glucagon questions
I've been carrying glucagon around with me for 13 years, in case my son should need it, and he hasn't needed it so far. His blood sugar goes down in the 20's and 30's occasionally, but he stays pretty rational, besides staying conscious. I buy fresh ones as they expire-when I buy it, sometimes the expiration date is only a couple of months away, other times it's good for 8 or 9 months from purchase.

I'm wondering how common needing to use this stuff is-are some people more prone to passing out from low blood sugar than others? Are there situations that make it more likely to be needed?

If you've actually used the stuff, was it in particular situations-during colds,flu etc? because of intense exercise? forgetting to eat? drinking alcohol? taking other meds besides those for diabetes? having underlying liver damge? other situations?

If you've used it, has it been once, many times, early in the diabetes or years into it, during times when you were having lots of highs and lows or during times of relative control, etc.

Thanks for any input.
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