sparrowbomb (sparrowbomb) wrote in insulin_whores,

Expiration Dates

Hi, I was diagnosed with Type 1 in february of this year. I haven't had much trouble with my insulin pens until recently.

I use Novalog pens and I switched to a fresh one last week because it seemed my previous pen had spoiled. Perhaps the summer heat? But now this new pen also seems less effective even though I've been more careful about keeping it in a cool place during the day.

I remember the doctor telling me something about insulin expiration dates but it's a little fuzzy. Something like, the pens are only good for 4 months even in the fridge? Is that right? I know insulin is only good for 28-30days once they're being used, but what about while they're being stored? The box expiration dates for the suspected spoiled pens are still a couple months away. They've been in the fridge for roughly 3-4 months.

Thanks in advance~
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